BFA Thesis | Zone 99

How it Started

It all started when I was a child I usually go with my father Cruising around Doha and noticing everything around me as a child, My father used to document everything related to streets old buildings, memories, and roundabouts
by the way this is a video taken by my father in corniche Doha in 2008 , In this video I was sitting behind him asking about every place we pass by especially commenting on remarkable monuments that identify the place.

Doha Corniche 2008

After 15 years...

Doha Corniche 2023

How it going 

I grew up watching these memories in the form of images and videos and I started learning how to document things like my father do, I appreciated all the documentation that my father has regarding my childhood memories and the changing landscapes of Qatar over time.

Places that hold all of my memories have been changed and demolished over time, as you can see in this video I was documenting the video in the same street as the previous one after 15 years.

There are 98 zones in Qatar, with one exception being zone 99 which is an imaginative zone inspired by childhood memories. It serves as a collection of cultural memories of different locations that have disappeared over time.

Abstract of Zone 99

Project 1: Zone 99 Map

Introducing the first project which is zone 99 map. Made up with 98 wooden blocks casted by jesmonite which is an alternative material for concrete, plaster and resin. These blocks are made up of three designs inspired by roads, intersections and roundabouts, they can be combined in any order or direction, they will always be connected to the block behind it. Once all 98 pcs come together, they will create the 99th block which is zone 99.

Full set of Zone 99 Map

Project 2 | Zone 99 Blocks

Moving to the next project which is the blocks that shows a glimpse of what is in each zone and Turning intangible memories to tangible objects such as childhood memories where you can collect, touch, feel, and relate to.

Al Bidda Park

Similar to collecting images and videos from the past that hold memories. AlBidda Park was one of the most remarkable places that stuck in my mind since I was a child. Places hold memories, stories , emotions , nostalgia that can transport us back in time. I decided to transfer this area of al Bidda park into an object to preserve what is assumed gone or forgotten. As well as Focusing on cultural memories that I have lived in the past and passing them to future generations.

Tools and Mediums

By Using new technologies such as 3d design I wanted recreate the visuals in my head and bring them to life.

3d printing was one of the first methods of getting this artifacts to life but then I realized that I could use the 3d printing as a tool of creating molds to cast with jesmonite to achieve the final outcome.


Zone 02: Al Bidda

Process and Making

Finally, I would like to share a short video that showcases my journey throughout this project. Hope you enjoyed the process of creating Zone 99

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